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Bacon Veggie Extravaganza | #sLITE & Healthy Recipe with Tata Salt Lite

Switching to cooking food at home from our day to day schedule of eating out. Try out our quick and healthy recipe which can be eaten either in Breakfast or Dinner.

Recipe : Bacon Veggie Extravaganza
Serves : 1
Chopping Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 10 mins

Ingredients :

200 gm of Bacon
1 Cup Baby Corns
1 Cup Peas
1 Leaf of Lettuce
Bell Peppers (all 3 types - yellow, green, red; 1/2 each)
1 Onion
1/2 Tomato OR 4-5 Cherry Tomatoes
1/2 Carrot
Chili Flakes
A pinch of Salt
A pinch of Black Pepper

Method :

1. Keep the corns and peas for boil for 5 mins in microwave. Please use a plastic bowl or a microwave safe bowl to boil it.

2. Chop all the vegetables in a bowl - 4-5 strands of Broccoli, Bell Pepper (half each), Onion, Tomatoes, Carrot.

3. Put the boil corns in the chopped vegetable bowl and mix well.

4. Put a pinch of tata salt lite, black pepper, chili flakes and oregano in the vegetable bowl and mix well.

5. Take a microwave safe plate. Put all the bacon and vegetables on the plate properly and keep it in oven for 10 mins in total. (stir a bit and check bacon color after 5 mins). The actual bacon color here should be golden brown.

6. Meanwhile, take a serving plate and put the bed of washed lettuce on it. You can also put low fat sauce (mustard sauce and sweet onion sauce) on the lettuce but limited quantity.

7. Once the vegetables and bacon turn golden brown, take it out and put all of them together on the bed of lettuce.

8. Voila the dish is ready to be served.

Bon Appetit !


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