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Farzi Cafe | DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Farzi Cafe Cyber Hub
India food served with a twist.
7-8, Ground Floor Cyber Hub Delhi/NCR
Farzi Cafe Cyber Hub - by , April 13, 2015
2.5/ stars
Hours Mon-Sun 12AM - 3:30AM Hours Mon-Sun 6:30PM - 11:30PM Categories: North Indian , South Indian Continental Price
Takes Reservations: Yes

Sunday afternoon, an unplanned late lunch, we were hungry and directly hopped in to "Farzi Cafe" to review them. It was empty as it generally opens at 6.30 pm in evening and we were there by 6.10 pm to click the ambiance and the restaurant. The waiters were really very polite with literally very good communication skills. Hosted us with the Chef's recommendations for the day.

To begin with Farzi cafe serves its iconic complimentary misti doi in a modern avatar. The dish contains shots of misti doi sitting in a cloud of liquid nitrogen, which simply amazes you ... something like being served the food for gods. But soon reality grips and here is it when it comes to the taste, it was little sweet and not at the same level as the presentation .But still a very appropriate way to start the feast.

I as usual was very excited to order some drinks where as Gaurav deals with ordering the food. We then planned to have Farzi Apple Foamintini and Chuski Margarita (as recommended). So before you read more one thing that is true about Farzi Cafe is that everything here has a twist to it or shall I say a fusion of indian and continental cuisine.

Surprisingly Chuski Margarita came with a twist that was an ice gola chuski in aam panna margarita. My expression to it was just wow and both the cocktails tasted really good though they were not strong but they were yum.

With our cocktails we had Seekh Wellington Tandoori Mushroom Salad - just like normal seekh's taste, this tasted in the same way. The presented of each and everything there is with a unique twist and can make you think for once as to what's in the box. But when it comes to taste, they taste good but in some you just wonder where is the twist in it.

Our next dish was taking too much time to go, too many people started coming in and ordering, so meanwhile just to keep us busy, they gave us a hajmola lollipop in a box to digest our food. Isn't that little strange? But the lollipop did had a strong taste of hajmola. Though I'm not really a fan of Hajmola, so I found it just okay but just couldn't have more of the same (though that's a matter of my taste glands).

Later with that, we had Mutton Irachi Pepper Fry with Malabari Parantha. This dish was the king of our whole order. The mutton was very soft and nicely cooked with spices settling in them perfectly. The Malabari Parantha was soft and had a little crust from outside, exactly how malabari parantha's are supposed to be.

To summarize our review on them, the restaurant is definitely one time visit if you're in a mood to see some twisty tales. One can visit this place for their cocktails for sure which surely are unique in Farzi Cafe. Otherwise one can skip it as the the food taste is good but not out of the ordinary (at that price). Also one last bit the quantity of food served is a tad less. So for example for us even with two cocktails, and one starter and one main dish, it wasn't fulfilling for two people.

Rating - 2.5/5

Watch this space for more reviews, we're on a journey to discover food !



  1. >>The Malabari Parantha was soft and had a little crust from outside, exactly how punjabi parantha's are supposed to be.
    Malabari parantha are from the south

  2. Thanks for the pointing out on the typo ;) will update