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Instapizza | DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

InstaPizza DLF Phase 4
A twist to the clich├ęd Pizza tale.
SF 008, DLF Galleria DLF Phase 4 Delhi/NCR 122002
InstaPizza Guragaon DLF Phase 4 - by , April 1, 2015
3.5/ stars
Tel. 88820 52000  Hours Mon-Sat 11am - 11pm Categories: Italian , Pizza Price
Takes Reservations: Yes
Instapizza is a small bright shop situated in famous Galleria Market of DLF. On our conversation with it's owner Mr. Ashwin, we came to know a lot more about Instapizza and its insights.

Ques 1 - Who are you? Where are you from? What you love? Are you a foodie? Do you love pizza? Your personal favorite pizza in Instapizza?

Mr. Ashwin - I'm Ashwin! I was born in the USA and grew up in New York but also spent half of my life here.

I love pizza, of course. And my wife! I am a foodie of sorts, in the sense that I enjoy food and love trying new places and flavors.

I grew up eating pizza in New York, and so my taste for pizza is defined by New York style - which is where the crust is crispy and chewy at once with a slight sourdough-like flavor. I absolutely love pizza. And now it's my job to eat as much of it as possible! 

My favorite pizza at Instapizza is a variation that my friend Baz made up, which we call the Bazimal - That has pork chorizo, pork pepperoni, fresh garlic, green chillies, and bacon bits.

Ques 2 - What were you doing before you started Instapizza?

Mr. Ashwin - I was working in finance in London for many years. It paid well but robbed me of my soul! I'm much happier making pizza for a living.

Ques 3 - What is the story behind Instapizza? Why and how Instapizza?

Mr. Ashwin - Well it's based on my love for pizza. I've always had a desire to open a restaurant. It's a great time to try it out in India and in Delhi specifically. I really couldn't imagine doing any other cuisine first! 

Maybe in the future I'll try other things, but my first love is and always will be pizza.

Ques 4 - How are you planning to engage with more and more customers?

Mr. Ashwin - Well, I'd really like to start engaging more with people online, and to bridge the online/offline gap. We have some fun things that we're going to start doing soon.

Ques 5 - Tell us one secret or fact that is different in Instapizza than other pizza outlets?

Mr. Ashwin - Well the most important thing in a pizza, for me at least, is the dough. If you've got the dough right, the rest is easy! 

For our crust to have the right crunch, chew, char, and slightly sour aftertaste, we cold ferment for at least 48 hours. You won't find that in any other pizza place that I know of!

Ques 6 - What are your plans for Instapizza in future (in terms of menu, branches, marketing/engagement etc.)? Are you planning to expand your branches?

Mr. Ashwin - Regarding the menu, we're working really hard to come up with some super cool deserts. And I'm in the process of signing the third location! I'd like to see a few more before the end of the year!

Our Reviews :

Instapizza - What's in the name Instant Pizza or an Instant tingling of taste buds. So we hopped into this place recently situated at Galleria Market for a quick bite to fill our tummy with some pizza's.

The place has an Archie's Pop Tate's Shoppe esque feel to it, with reams of Archie's, Tin-tin's and Asterix comics to churn to till the pizza's are ready to perturb your inevitable quench. Exactly what we were expecting.

Instapizza looks like a cute yellow shop with a grab and munch feel. Peek through the counter and there's a great array of Pizza's and eateries stacked at a price tag that can fit into a teenager's pocket too.

So here's what we ordered :

1) A thin crust Pepperoni Pizza was a joy to eat. It just melted with a sumptuous array of flavors, which shall I say was simply awesome.

2) The side snacks, a twist to the plain old garlic breads was a fresh surprise.

3) A Gourmet Salad Pizza was a great treat to eyes as well stomach. Plated with some basil leaves on the top, it was a perfect combination for all vegetarians.

A must recommended place for all those people who love Pizza's or are visiting Galleria. Rating - 3.5/5

Watch out this space for more of their extended menu!




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