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Desi Vibes | Connaught Place

The weekends this time took us to the cynosure of food and history that is Connaught Place Delhi. Walking down the historical promenade and the Indian flag fluttering in the background tickled our taste glands for savoring Indianess. So we headed to place that breathes of it "Desi Vibes".

The restaurant is a living Punjabi village in the heart of the capital, graced by a polite staff and if you're lucky enough to meet the owner there Mr. Rajat Goyal, who is very amiable and provides a great company. Everything there is made up by hand of local artists. From walls made up of cow dung to warli painting, from tables to theka (bar) to even the washrooms creating what is closest to an earthen ambiance.

Picking up on the right facets that make a great restaurant is important and well Desi Vibes does that to perfection.

As soon as you enter, "Jaljeera" is served as a complimentary welcome drink which is a really nice gesture because of three things :
1. The small ceramic glass they serve in keeps the jaljeera cool even if you drink after sometime and of course it's cute in looks.
2. It's so hot in delhi that people generally prefer to have something really cold to cool their mind be it water or jaljeera of course.
3. The taste of it is what mom makes at home.

To begin with we ordered two starters and two main course dishes along with naan. They serve in nice ceramic plates, hand painted. And their dish bowls are either handi or matka's and that too hand painted again. The reason they made everything by hand is because children like the feel here, typical Punjabi types and everyone enjoys eating food here. Also this place is the closest to foregone villages in the metropolis that you will find in and around Delhi.

Our Order:

1. Kebab Platter which had two types of kebabs, one was chicken seekh kebab and another was chicken tandoori kebab.

The seekh kebab were perfectly made, they were nice soft and the pudina chutni along with it gave a perfect taste to it.

The chicken tandoori kebab on other hand was left a little uncooked first but then as I mentioned, the staff here is polite and friendly and they offered us to change and bring it back for us. This is something appreciable because such small gestures can bring back a huge positive impact on a customer's mind.

2. We then ordered stuffed chicken tangri. At first we were shocked to know what this is and exactly how they will make it. On tasting the same, we couldn't control on stopping, we just ate it quickly because it was that yummy. It was stuffed with Keema. So just imagine - a chicken tangri stuffed with Keema. What a great combination. Bravo!

3. We also ordered two fresh lime soda with a cherry at the bottom. Somehow the taste of the same was different, not too sweet, not too sour and was made perfectly. Sweet lime soda is our signature mocktail that we order mostly everywhere.

[Main Course]
4. We ordered Dal makhani which is my favorite in vegetarian food, Rara Meat and along with that we had garlic naan.

While you begin eating your main course a sweet sour and tingling surprise is bestowed in the form of an array of pickles. Do try the Baigan pickle there is really a slew to chose from.I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and the taste. [Tip : they also gift pickles to you to take home ;)]

I know garlic naan is very common but this was the first time in my life that I ate garlic naan. And trust me it was tasty. I could smell and feel the garlic in my mouth that I could have actually eaten that without any vegetable.

Dal makhani was yum, reminded me of my mami ji because that's exactly how she makes it. It was soft, creamy and tasty.

Rara Meat - Again a great combination. Lamb cooked in yogurt and curry spices with minced meat. I have no words to describe it. It was DELICIOUS! The lamb was so perfectly cooked with the pieces just melting in your mouth with each bite. The best we ever had.

At then end of it all they treat you with refreshments, there signature pan and a lovely supari made our of Khajoor [Dates].

Do try out this place! It's in Noida and Connaught Place also at N block.

To conclude the review for Desi Vibes. It's a place if you really want to have Punjabi food with an ambiance that reflects it. The music is neither too loud nor too soft and appropriate for a chit chat with friends and family. They have a good playlist hence one won't get bored here even if he/she isn't talking much. A recommended place for those who are in or around Connaught Place and hungry. Their starters as well as main course both are worth trying for. They don't serve alcohol as of now, but by the end of a week or so, they'll start that too!

Rating - 4/5

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