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So this time we turn the pages of history, and an area which typifies that is the part we call as Luteyns Delhi. The path to finding good food in this iconic part of the city was through a string of topsy turvy roundabouts finally culminating at Lutyens Cocktail House.

The place has a vintage feel with brushstrokes reminiscent of the British Raj times. The mildly lit surrounding is with stacked books and laden with unique vintage furniture. And to stay true to its name there is a sovereign frame of Lutyen's gem the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

So on entering we received a warm and amiable welcome from the staff and a lovely seat besides the wooden grills. The level of detail and erudition on part of the staff was commendable and they helped us in deciding the remedies to quench our thirst and appetite.

We poked first into the cocktail menu besides there wonderful bar. There is a great array of the finest forms of liquor and the same translates into a smorgasbord of unique and great cocktails. So we started with the in-house infusions Apple Cigar and Citronus.

So enough talk and now to the specifics of our order :

Something to munch - popcorn ~ complimentary :)

1. Pan Seared Mustard Fish - Recommended

The fish was soft and masterfully cooked and decorated which tasted doubly great with the side dip.We loved the presentation in all there dishes laid out in classic marble plates with great deal of dexterity. 

2. Roasted Paprika Chicken

This too was nicely presented but didn't live up-to the high expectations as the fish but still went well with the cocktails.

3. Apple Cigar - Recommended

A classy infusion from Lutyens Smoked Whiskey, Clove Bitter, Apple Juice and Smoked Candy.A pretty strong cocktail but the sweetness of apple juice just makes this a joy to drink .If you land up at Lutyens don't miss it surely.

4. Citronus

This is again one of their signature cocktails. It had Mandarin, Mace Infused Vodka, Lemongrass and Orange Candy. Not too strong but perfect for someone to handle along with the food. It was a perfect blend of Orange Juice and Vodka looking ever so classy in the serving crockery they use.

So now to the main course ...

5. Sea Food Paella - Recommended

This is really a great dish crowned by the jumbo prawn with mussels and arborio rice on the sides.It was something like I have never tasted before and was a joy to eat.

6. New Zeeland Lamb Chops - Recommended

The lamb chops seemed like the perfect companion to a cocktail and were well cooked and served with mashed potatoes as well as a sauce on the side.There was a  garlic crumb on top of the chops which just brought a twist to the eating experience .

7. Margarita

This is one of our signature drink that we order in all the restaurants I go. Somehow I love comparing Margarita's taste wise and discover how exactly do they infuse the same to make it different from others.

8. Lutyens Sour

Again one of Lutyens discovered signature cocktail inhouse infusion. It had a Vanilla Infused Whiskey, Claret, Vermouth Rosso and Vanilla Grapes. I would rate this high but still Apple cigar was the winner.

9. Vanilla Shake

Vanilla Shake with chunks of fruits added was good but I will better avoid it next time.


10. Chocolate Box

A vintage wooden box full of garnished chocolate as a base with 7 items inside it. Some of them were named as:
Brownie etc.

They have unique items in their Desert section of Menu and all of them are equally tasty and good looking as the chocolate box was.

One thing best about Lutyens Cocktail House is that even thought they have a limited number of items in Bar as well as Food but they make sure every item has something unique in either taste or style so that the customer never forgets about their experience.

To conclude my review - You must try out this place if you're a huge fan of alcohol and new cocktails along with some awesome sea food/chicken. It is spacious and hence you can have friends meet-up as well and cherish your time.

Rating - 4/5

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